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How do I create a team?

A team can be created using the Create a team button in the profile drop down menu. Each user can create only one team. Each team can take part in many games/tournaments.

Important! During team creation process, team admin has to select which games his/her team plays. Otherwise your team won’t be able to register in tournaments.

How do I join a team?

Every user has a possibility to become a member of another team. To do that, visit another team’s page and click the Request to join button.

Once the request is sent, the team’s admin will see your request on his team’s Members page. Team admin can then accept or refuse the request.

How do I give administrator access to a team member?

Team admins can designate other team users for administrator role. This can be done from the team’s Members tab. Keep in mind that only one user (the original team creator) can be a Super Admin of the team. Only Super Admins can manage team’s page and settings.